Fulfilling Your Life Personally
and Professionally

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Individual coaching is a one-on-one coaching relationship designed to help you reach a goal or make a significant change in your life.

Life Coaching is an investment; highly personalized, very intentional, and ultra-focused which produces results that will change your life!


Group coaching can be done several ways in several settings. Groups provide amazing results... there's lots of support, encouragement, challenges, and feedback. 

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I Can Help You Determine...

Where You Are Currently

Where You Want To Go

How You Will Get There

Challenges You Will Incur

Are you Ready for Change?

Are You Motivated To Change?

Are You Teachable?

Are You Willing To Take Risks?

Do You Like To Be Challenged?

“Working with Lisa has been transformational. Lisa listens and speaks with love and has encouraged me to make real change in my life.”
“Here's what I've got in my heart about you.... What does Lisa do? Lisa stirs and wakes up the things I have never realized about myself. The things I have squelched, forgotten about, buried, and hidden deep down inside; she CHALLENGES the hopes, dreams and Holy Spirit just waiting to be renewed and come alive. Gets me thinking about who I'm created to be and inspires me to engage in a personal and intimate way with that Creator..... Sets me on a course for revival, inside, and around me Love you Lisa!! and wow!!!! thanks for all you do, and you do it well.”
“Working with Lisa was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. She has a unique gift of being totally present with people resulting in them feeling truly listened to. She intuitively knows the right questions to ask helping whoever she's coaching to develop problem solving skills and move forward towards their goals.”
“Lisa is a wonderful lady who has a huge heart for helping others! She is a fabulous communicator and loves to share her life experiences and goals with others to help encourage them, and help them pursue wellness in their own journey!”
“"Smart, funny and insightful, Lisa is a delight to work with. She is refreshingly real and straightforward, bringing with her a rich background of her own personal experience with the struggles of life as a human. Don't miss this opportunity to laugh and grow!"”
“During one of my darkest times, Lisa came along side me and guided me through some troubled waters. At the time we were mere strangers, but she still reached out a hand and pulled me up when I felt like I was drowning. She has never left my side since. She has been there to pray with me, offer support and encouragement through not only deep conversation, but also through connection with others in her circle. She is a role model to me personally, and so many around her. Her words are like a fresh glass of water replenishing thy soul. She truly is a blessing in my life and I am forever grateful that God led me to her.”
“Lisa has a rare gift for being able to look beyond the surface, and quickly recognize a person’s strengths and flaws. Without compromising her own beliefs, or casting judgment, she empathizes with your struggles, and celebrates your strengths. Applying her life experience, she lends perspective and insight into what you may be facing. She cares with great depth, and follows through on that which she commits. My husband and I are blessed by our experience and relationship with Lisa.”