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I'm Lisa, Life Coach
And Catalyst

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When I’m coaching I feel like I’m doing exactly what God made me to do. I really find God’s pleasure when I help people process. And I treasure being able to challenge people...challenging them to be who God made them to be. I am not so good at small talk and mundane subjects, I like and thrive on conversations and relationships of depth. However, I do like and know how to have fun still! 

I am a change catalyst. What's a catalyst? Merriam-Webster defines it as "an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action." I am here on this Earth to help others achieve change.

I love natural living, soul-searching, reading, researching, my family, and most of all, Jesus! Oh, and of course, our pets, I really love them, too. I find my areas of interest and passion are the things that I really had to fight for. None of the things I spend my time on are things that I grew up with. I blazed my own trail upon natural living due to health struggles. I blazed my own way to soul-searching due to dysfunctional relationships. I blazed my own way to a thriving family due to lack of a healthy family unit growing up. And by blazing my own trail, I totally mean God-led, as I am nothing on my own! I am honored at the chance of sharing with you what I’ve learned and the process that it took to get where I am. And, the best thing, I’m always learning! Oh, how I love to learn. Every person that I have worked with and currently work with helps me learn more about myself, God, and others.

And what I blog about is about all these things...things that matter! So, check my blog posts regularly :)


I graduated from Liberty University with a Master’s Degree in Life Coaching. I’ve also earned my Master’s Level of Christian Life Coaching Certification and my Advanced Diploma in Christian Life Coaching. I have always been involved in leading small groups and continue to do so. In one way or another I’ve been coaching for decades.

I am also certified as a Genesis Addiction Counselor which means I am trained and have experience in working one-on-one with individuals in Relapse Prevention. I also have years of experience leading groups through a quality Change Group experience.


My husband (who is a Pastor) and I get to do lots of ministry and coaching together!  It's truly an amazing gift. We are surrounded by amazing friends and family.  We have four kids, ages 9-17, who give me lots of material! These 5 people make my heart beat. 

I look forward to meeting and working with you! Contact me by using one of the methods down below.