FAQs and Resources


What do you expect of me as a client?

Great question! Your role is profound. These commitments are included in the Coaching Agreement: * Be on time for all sessions, prepared and committed to the process. * Be honest and open. * Be willing to adopt a more positive outlook on self and life. * Be ready to be accountable for your life/decisions/actions. * Be committed to change. * Understand that coaching is not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, medical, financial, business, spiritual or other qualified professionals. * Understand that all decisions are exclusively yours and your decisions and actions are your sole responsibility.

Do you prefer online sessions?

I do prefer online sessions for multiple reasons. I can coach you, no matter your location! Both you and I have complicated schedules and this really provides more options for availability for us. I'm really able to cut the cost of my coaching services by not paying for space and not spending money on gas! Also, we can really focus and drown out all other distractions.

Why can't I change on my own?

Oh yes, great question! First off, if we could change on our own we already would have done it. We all need help processing what is already in our head and heart. I can help you do that. I can also help you identify why and where you get hung up. I also provide accountability for you to accomplish the things you set out to accomplish. Accountability is necessary for change.

How do I know what package to sign up for?

The Started Package is often where someone starts out when they are unsure of what coaching can/will do for them. I understand being cautious. However, the interesting thing is that most turn around and sign up for more coaching right away. With the Starter Package, I will not lead you to believe that we will conquer your issue but you will be on your way! The Conqueror package addresses areas where you find yourself stuck and struggling and need help getting past a barrier. The Relapse Prevention package addresses areas of destructive coping mechanisms that we keep returning to (that we swore we wouldn't!) and don't know why. This is based on The Genesis Process. This package will help you identify false beliefs, identify triggers and more that will lead you to experience true recovery.

What do I do if there are no group sessions offered right now?

Don't worry! I keep waitlists. So, please contact me and let's chat!