Are you stuck and struggling?!

Everyone needs a coach! Life coaching is a one-on-one coaching relationship designed to help you reach a goal or make a significant change in your life. And, guess what? Coaching is powerful. You will get results and you will achieve a feeling of direction and purpose. 

Coaching results happen quickly because a coach provides a fresh perspective and helps you get out of your head and helps you start taking action immediately. Coaches can be key in providing direction, strategy, motivation and accountability. Accountability is huge for effective and lasting change. I will provide accountability for you to accomplish the things you set out to accomplish in the areas you need and want change.

Coaching is not therapy, counseling, advice-giving, mental health care, or treatment for substance abuse and is not a replacement for those. Coaching is for people who are basically well adjusted, emotionally healthy, functioning effectively, and wanting to make changes in their lives. Maybe they just need some structure, guidance, objectivity, or even permission to follow their dreams.

I believe I can help. I don’t have all the answers but I’m certain I can help you find the answers! I want to bridge the gaps between where you are currently and where you believe God wants you to be.

I aim to serve the struggling person who just can’t pinpoint what the issue is. Or maybe you do know, but aren't sure where to start with a plan of attack to overcome the issue. I can help you develop the tools to confidently face difficult situations and push past your emotional barriers. I can give you the push you need when you feel stuck in a rut.

Are you wanting something different?

Are you wanting something more?

Are you feeling stuck?

I believe in depth, simplicity, safety, challenge and holism. My desire and goal for you is for you to find hope, courage, and, eventually, freedom in your areas of struggle and stuckness. I totally believe in you! 

I am a Christian Coach so I will coach from a biblical perspective and we will pray together. I will coach you towards discovering how God made you and what His purpose is for your life. I am here to guide, motivate, encourage, challenge, empower and support you. I am totally here for you.

However, none of this is possible unless you are willing to do the work. I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard work! Coaching can involve brainstorming, values clarification, the completion of written agreements, education, goal setting, identifying plans of action, accountability, making requests, agreements to change behavior, examining lifestyles and questioning. This is challenging work. If you could have made these changes in your life on your own, you would have, right? 

I take on clients who are serious about their desire to change and are committed to the process.

Do you desire to change?

Are You Motivated To Change?

Are You Teachable?

Are You Willing To Take Risks?

Do You Like To Be Challenged?

Life Coaching is an investment; highly personalized, very intentional, and ultra-focused which produces results that change lives. I will not play small and I will not let you play small either! This experience has value that will last a lifetime. 

I do cover a variety of areas but I spend most of my time with clients (individual and groups) who want to discover their purpose/calling, address areas of family life, and developing systems in order to function optimally. I also help teams (organizations) who want to address team-building, implementing change, and brainstorming or processing options. There are several times a year that I offer group challenges (think boot camp!), retreats, and other fun stuff like that!

We will have an initial 20 minute session to determine if we are a good fit for each other and would benefit from working together. This is a complimentary session with no obligation to purchase a coaching package. If we determine to move forward this session will be used to establish some goals.

We Will Focus On

Where You Are Currently

Where You Want To Go

How You Will Get There

Challenges You Will Incur

While everyone needs, and can benefit from, coaching we do not need it all the time. My goal is to work myself out of a job with you! You will discover how to problem-solve and obtain goals in a new way which you will be able to repeat in any circumstance that comes up in your life. However, sometimes in life we just need a little extra help with clarity, focus, encouragement, and support… and that’s why I’m here.


  • 4 One Hour Sessions
  • Recorded Conversations
  • Several Action Steps Identified
  • Goal Achieved!


  • 6 One Hour Sessions
  • Recorded Conversations
  • Several Action Steps Identified
  • Life Goals Conquered!


  • 10 One Hour Sessions
  • Recorded Conversations
  • Several Action Steps Identified
  • A Changed Life!

Now offering individual email coaching options!!!

Same results, different delivery

  • Starter Package email option $120
  • Conqueror Package email option $185